Tutor LIM began with a simple idea that the lecture hall/ classroom setting was insufficient for unlocking the learning potential of each student. But to an industry that relied on conformity, the idea of building a peer-to-peer tutoring model that acknowledged the unique learning style of the individual was revolutionary.

At Tutor LIM, we aim to create a sustainable community where students and tutors can work together and solve problems. We want to gather like-minded individuals who enjoy both teaching and ‘learning-by-teaching’. We invite problem solvers to join us in our effort to build a team that is committed to helping students succeed in their studies. Together we can create an effective learning environment for students at all levels of education.

Company Background

Tutor LIM started with the aim to inspire academic success on university students. Our tutors, consisting of both educators and graduate engineers, are dedicated to show you the way to work smart. Leveraging our extensive work experience in engineering and thousands of hours accumulated tutoring 1000+ students, we discovered that most undergraduates were simply going about their assignments ineffectively, and taking far too long to get a result. Our mission is to share our insights with those who are looking to increase their efficiency and the overall quality of their work.

Our Values

We value Delivery, Consistency, Integrity, Teamwork and Enthusiasm promising high distinctions for our students.  

  • We are Consistent with our work and we pride ourselves in achieving Delivery for our students with Integrity
  • Enthusiasm in known, whereby students can feel our teacher's excitement and deep passion for the subjects. 
  • Our tutors work together and place strong emphasis on Teamwork, whilst preparing students' lessons. We tailor each classes beforehand to maximise learning capability. 

If you are driven and a hard working student who wants to go that extra mile achieving the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) score you wanted, let us help you get into your dream university... Or if you're struggling with your university subjects or a mature age university student who hasn't done maths since high school... We've got your back!